harley davidson motorcycle Sportster Wiseco flat top pistons, piston rings, pins and lock rings
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Harley Davidson Sportster Wiseco 1200cc pistons, flat top, 9:1, standard.

  • Wiseco piston set for 1988 - 2003 Evolution XL Sportster 1200
  • Flat top
  • 9:1 compression
  • Standard bore 3.497 inch
  • For use with 1200 heads
  • Includes pistons, rings, pins, and lock rings
  • Forged from hi-silicon aluminum alloy for superior strength and dependability.
  • The unique piston shape allows tight piston to wall clearances for quieter operation.
  • This shape combined with a top quality ring package and computerized machined anti-detonation grooves offers you the most technically advanced piston kit available.
  • Most Wiseco pistons are machined with valve pockets that are deeper and larger than stock. These pockets provide adequate valve clearance for most high lift cams
  • Item #: P127

WISECO 9:1 Pistons 1200cc Harley Davidson Sportster

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