harley davidson motorcycle Sportster Keith Black dish top pistons, piston rings, pins and lock rings
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Harley Davidson Sportster Keith Black 883cc to 1200cc big bore conversion pistons kit, dish top, 10:1, .040 over.

  • 10:1 Compression Ratio 883cc to 1200cc, Overbore Conversion
  • Evolution is the key word as these Keith Black Performance Piston Kits were spawned from this successful manufacturer's line of automotive pistons
  • Lightweight permanent mold cast pistons are manufactured from Hypereutectic 390 Alloy, contain 16-18% silicon, and are heat treated to T-6 specifications producing a stronger than stock piston
  • This special alloy keeps heat confined to the combustion chamber and reduces heat transfer to the piston itself
  • The result is a cooler running piston that can be fit to the bore tighter
  • Piston expansion is reduced by as much as 20% over conventional pistons
  • These tighter fitting pistons rock less, support the rings better, are more durable and retain compression better for maximum power
  • The key feature to these pistons is the accumulator groove between the top and second ring. This groove between the rings tends to average the normal pressure between the first and second ring, keeping the pressure low enough to prevent lifting of the top ring while maintaining preload on the second, oil scraping, ring
  • Each set of pistons include: wrist pins, spiral locks, engine assembly lube, and Hastings Moly rings
  • Sold in pairs
  • Dish Top Pistons. Do not require head modification.
  • .040 inch Oversize
  • Fit Evolution Sportster 1986 - later
  • Item #: P120

Keith Black Conversion Pistons .040" 883-1200 Harley Sportster

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