83ci 1340cc Harley Davidson Wiseco forged pistons with piston rings, pins and snap rings
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Harley Davidson Evo 1340cc overbore to 83ci Wiseco big bore pistons kit 10:1 compression .045" overbore.
  • Replacement pistons for part#'s TE400 and TE401
  • Wiseco Pistons are forged from hi-silicon aluminum alloy for superior strength and dependability
  • The unique piston shape allows tight piston to wall clearances for quieter operation
  • Grooves are machined around the top ring lands to reduce detonation and improve the sealing power of the top ring
  • Designed for Stock stroke flywheels
  • All wrist pin holes are ream fit for a perfect geometrical surface
  • Enlarged valve pockets provide the clearance for larger valves and high lift cams
  • Includes instructions and clearance recommendations
  • Wiseco Piston Kit
  • Includes 2 pistons, rings, pins and snap rings
  • 10:1 compression, 3.497 inch standard bore size +.045" oversize (83ci).
  • Fits Big Twin Evolution 1984 - 1999 83ci
  • Item #: P411

83ci Wiseco Pistons Harley Davidson Evo 1340cc Overbore

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